Thanks for checking out Mad Royal Film Society!

We are a film organization on Ohio State University’s campus comprised of students working to create a community of collaborators and friends interested in all aspects of film & video production! All are welcome to join, just show up to a meeting (Mondays at 7, currently via Zoom) or join our Discord!

We consist of amateur to auteur artists actors, screenwriters, directors, camerapeople, sound mixers, experimental aficianados, editors, costume designers, casting directors, documentarians, and movie-goers! If you’re interested in anything film/video related, this is your community!

Come and join us and feel free to send any questions, comments, concerns, casting or crew calls to madroyalfilmsociety@gmail.com!

Otherwise, feel free to explore & browse the website through the navigation menu above! Check out our annual short film festival (free to submit & watch under “FILM FEST”), watch videos we have collaborated on (under “COLLECTED WORKS”) and then check out what it was like on set (“BEHIND THE SCENES”)! We also have some writings from our members, as well as all of our social media and video pages if you’d like to connect with us.


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