Behind the Scenes

An assortment of behind-the-scenes videos and documentaries about what it’s like to be a part of Mad Royal!

A Mad Royal Tribute for Daulton, Jackie, Nick & Will in 4 Parts – Jeremy Schwochow (2021)

From their films to their labor to their friendship, this video is a tribute to our graduating members of Spring 2021: Daulton Gunnell, Jackie Brady, Nick Wagner & Will O’Neil.

Behind the Scenes of A Real Murder – Will O’Neil (2020)

An exclusive look behind the scenes of A Real Murder (That Actually Happened) of production during November 2019!

The Mad Royal Documentary – Hazel Schaffer (2019)

Behind the Scenes of Laundromat (Sneak Peek Trailer Teaser) – Xeo Hoang & Jeremy Schwochow (2018)

A behind the scenes look at production of 2018 semester film, Laundromat!

It’s Your Call” Behind the Scenes – Tom Miller (2018)