Mad Royal Film Fest 2020

Mad Royal Film Society’s second-annual short film festival was moved online! With a dynamic variety of bite-sized (1-12 minute) shorts, this event showcases up-and-coming student filmmakers. Tune in to connect with our film community & view the films of the future. Films were judged by esteemd OSU faculty in and awards were presented at the end of the program. This program ran for approximately an hour and thirty minutes. Take a look back and stream it now on Mad Royal’s YouTube Channel! Or check out individual films and the award winners below!


Congratulations to all the award winners! And a huge thank you to all of our judges for their work!

  • BEST FILM: Mitch Vicieux for TAPES
  • Best Screenplay: Jacob Lash for Murder in the Night
  • Best Performance: Nick Wagner in Should I Really Share This?
  • Best Sound Design: Arvcúken Noquisi for Blue
  • Best Art Direction: Arvcúken Noquisi for 23011212
  • Best Editing: Bryan Houlihan-Johnson & Jeremy Schwochow for Why Film?
  • Best Cinematography: Arvcúken Noquisi for 23011212 AND Bryan Houlihan-Johnson for Passage

The films were screened in the following order:

Blue | Arvcúken Noquisi | 2:38 – WINNER Best Sound Design

You Know Where to Find Us | Mikayla Eckenrod, Morgan Nemcek, Tiana Stussie, Lexi Wallace | 7:29

Frustrated and confused, a woman leaves the city and has an encounter with a forest dweller that may alter her life forever.

The Warm Day in Late Spring | Michael McKenna | 2:47

Thinking of one thing while experiencing another. Memories are very fractured, aren’t they?

Tapes | Mitch Vicieux | 9:31 – WINNER Best Short Film

TAPES welcomes you to the family of two partners recontextualizing life experiences after pursuing gender transition. TAPES records over material that engages with gender expectations, specifically animated children’s films. While recording over this material, there is a literal transition between appropriated and original content, which is digitized and sewn together with archival footage.

Operation Dinner | Chad & Jake Ressler | 9:48

Two spies are sent on a mission to catch a criminal, antics ensue.

Should I Really Share This? | Nick Wagner | 3:34 – WINNER Best Performance

An admittedly very strange meta self-reflection on the anxiety of sharing something you’ve created.

Girl Friend | Emmy Pascual, Emma Fisk, Courtney Barger, Emileigh Maddox, Katie Jones | 2:40

A tribute to Kathleen Hanna, Ben & Jerry’s, and girls having radical fun by the women of Mad Royal.

Murder in the Night | Jacob Lash | 4:35 – WINNER Best Screenplay

A young man is woken up late at night to the sound of screaming upstairs. 

WhiteMare | Adam Goecke | 8:01

Connor haunts Bradford’s dreams and also Connor sucks.

Green| Grant Jones | 3:47

Here’s looking at you kid.

Passage | Bryan Houlihan-Johnson | 3:45 – WINNER Best Cinematography

A student burnt out.

Let It Rip | ‘Uncut Geminis’ | 6:55

A group of friends plan and execute the heist of the century.

Blink of an Eye | Maya Nayman | 2:04

This film explores the idea of growing up too fast; the simplicity of youth goes by in the blink of an eye.

have to | Grant Jones | 3:11

A father and son caught in the same intersection of time where growing older is more difficult than it seemed years ago. Recording over home videos. Erasing memories. Disintegrating VHS tapes. A feedback loop

Honked or (The Ballad of a Bird Born to Fly) | Luke Rohling | 3:38

Honked is the story of a modest man with big dreams. When he sits down to practice one day, he’s swept away by visions of success, love, and… birds?

23011212 | Arvcúken Noquisi | 3:04 – WINNER Best Art Direction & Best Cinematography

An exercise in collage editing, in which the visuals are built around the soundtrack. A variety of types of layering create worlds and situations out of contextless images; graspable meaning forms itself involuntarily, as sequences accrue apopheniac readings.

Why Film? | Bryan Houlihan-Johnson & Jeremy Schwochow | 13:15 – WINNER Best Editing

A conversation about filmmaking between the documentarians, students, and teachers covering a wide range of things. More to come.

Have You Checked Your Horoscope Lately? | Jackie Brady | 5:54

An exploration of identity from someone who doesn’t know who they are.

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